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Multiple media related problems


New member
Jul 1, 2017
I have a Huawei P9 Lite. About two days ago I started experiencing multiple problems. I'll list them here:

1.Camera will take a photo but apps such as WhatsApp can't read it. Says "The file you picked is not a photo." After awhile the photo disappears from the gallery. Won't send any existing photos either.

2.When I try take a video it won't record.

3.WhatsApp - Won't take pictures or video. Also voice note doesn't work.

4. Play music album download crashes and I need to restart phone to get it started again.

These faults all began together, before yesterday all the above mentioned functions worked perfectly. I factory reset my phone but the problems persisted. I also cleared the caches of many apps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


Moderator Team VP
Apr 23, 2011
Are you using an SD card? If so then I would suggest setting the pictures and video to save to internal memory