Multiple users: no login without owner after reboot


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Nov 9, 2021
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The multiple user function is nice and a lot of programming effort had been spent for it for sure. However, there is a big drawback in Android 11 (Motorola Moto g30): Other users can login only if the owner is already logged in. For a short time this no problem, but in the case the user is not present for several days, the multiple user system gets more or less useless. As soon is the device is shutdown (by accident, due to low battery or due to habit), restarted (automatic OS update) or crashed, it cannot be used any longer without the owner.

What is the reason for this massive shortcoming, and exists there any possibility to bypass it?

Laura Knotek

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Jan 8, 2011
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Mobile phones are designed that way since they are typically meant to be used by a single person, not multiple users. Desktop computers more typically are used by multiple persons and need to accomodate multiple persons. In most cases, each person in a family has his or her own mobile phone which he or she keeps on his or her person. The phones are typically not shared by multiple users, so they are not designed to facilitate such a thing, but rather for the owner to let someone else borrow his or her phone for a short time without allowing access to personal information belonging to the owner.