music player auto starts on my Gal S4 - please help.

Mar 13, 2014
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I need help with my Galaxy S4. My service is through Sprint and all apps and system updates are done. While I understand the latest system update has a lot of problems, the one issue I have had has been going on for quite some time. My music player autostarts. The player I am referring to is the ?MUSIC? app (the one where the icon looks like a blue circle and has a green musical note on it.) The trigger seems to be when I get calls from a blocked number. My company?s outgoing calls are automatically blocked so each time I get a call from a coworker my phone launches into whatever song I last played instead of ringing. It doesn?t matter if the phone was muted ? the volume is on so everyone gets to hear the latest tune. Along with the unexpected musical interlude, I don?t get any indication of the incoming call. I simply hear my phone blast music and then my voicemail is there. This is very frustrating.

Has anyone else had a similar issue?
Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

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