Music Player Messes Up Accents in Song Names!


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Apr 27, 2016
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I am having trouble with my LG K7. When I transfer songs from my computer to my phone, the Music Player sometimes messes up the name of the album or the song if either contain accented letters. Problem is, it does this seemingly at random!

For example, I have an album on my computer called "Achitèk Mondyal":
WMP display.jpg
However, once it is transferred to my phone, some of the tracks have the correct album name attached, but some are sorted into a different album called "Achitčk Mondyal":
Messed Up Album Name.png
Missorted Songs.png

However, File Manager has the songs all in one file, and that file has the correct accent:
File Manager 2.png
File Manager.png

Is this a problem with the phone, or with the Music Player? And more importantly, how can I stop it from messing up more songs? It seems to be the case regardless of what SD card I use or the program I use to transfer the songs over (I have tried Windows Media Player and Winamp; the name still gets messed up). I have plenty of songs with accents in their albums' names or in their own titles, and I'm hesitant to transfer my library to my phone if more mishaps like this are going to happen.

EDIT (6/6/2016): I also have an iPod, so I keep my library current with WMP and iTunes. I just found that using doubleTwist to sync from iTunes keeps the accents intact. Unfortunately, syncing from WMP still results in the messed-up accents.
Question is, is there a solution that does not require switching to iTunes only to switch back out?
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