My GNEX's power button stopped responding!

Vinit Mahida

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Nov 11, 2012
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I've had my Sprint Gnex since June and it has been working near flawlessly. It is stock, un-rooted, running 4.1.1. This morning, I was able to wake my phone with the power button, do my daily browsing on Pulse and whatnot, but then I couldn't put my phone to sleep. The power button did not respond, and interestingly enough, the phone didn't sleep on it's own after 30sec inactivity.
Sometimes, when I connect a charger, it won't show that it is taking a charge, until I remove the battery and power my phone on again, then the charger works just fine. I applied this stupid logic to my issue this morning and removed the battery. Stupid move, because now I cannot even power on my device.

Is there something I can do??


I posted this in a panicked response. I've gone to Sprint, where they opened my phone to say that nothing at all seems to be the matter, no fried circuits, shorts, corrosion, or otherwise. I've contacted Samsung and they will receive my phone shortly and repair it for free, or replace it if necessary, as under their 1-year limited warranty.
Sorry to waste up forum space with a now resolved issue :/
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