My Phone Number shows as unknown

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When I go to Settings -> about device-> status ->My Phone Number shows as unknown.

How can I add my number on to the SIM without rooting my device?

Android 6.0.1
Samsung SM-A500G (Galaxy A5)


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Feb 5, 2018
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Open your phone dialer and go to settings, then go to more settings, then at the top it will give you a option of showing your caller ID, carrier ID, or nothing. Good luck.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Settings -> about device-> status ->My Phone Number is the phone number found on the SIM card - some carriers put it there, some don't. It doesn't affect anything but what you see when you look there, since the number is never sent, whether it's on the SIM card or not. The phone sends the SIM number to the tower. The carrier's computer gets the phone number assigned to that SIM number. (On calls to you, the computer looks up the SIM number connected to the phone number being called, and calls that SIM number.)