My SD card is corrupted, how can I format it?


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SD card currupted

I have a 16 GB micro SD card and i was using it in my android cell phone
and the set was rooted by some Chinese software
and now i sold the set but not the micro sd card
the SD card get some Chinese files that cannot be removed, deleted and even formatted.
I tried many SD card formatting software but they show the message that the SD card is write protected
and if the SD card format complete, i again attach the card and everything is back.
i tried to use the diskpart to format the SD card but failed
there are total 128 Kb data in some hidden chines files name like special character and even the type also. like { m≡-äúI╣.÷≥╞ } and { |a┬¿q╛╝.pqΣ }
there are around 20 to 30 files with Zero space
please tell me how to format the SD card