Myriad of issue, factory reset not enough. Flash Froyo?


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Jul 19, 2010
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My current issues:

1. Headphone are "always on", but my ringer and notification sounds come from the speaker at lower volume (if no headphones plugged in), cannot use mic either. If I run a app called "audiotoggle" all sounds are now routed to speaker and mic works, but headphones will not work until I reboot. So I am in an endless cycle of rebooting to get the features I need. I have found no solution to this.

2. GPS take forever to work. I installed a GPS test app and it says 3-8 satellite visible and good signal, but no tracking. It finally tracked me when it sudden found 8 satellites after walking outside for 10 minutes. I also find that if I boot up with GPS on by default it finds a signal and tracks very quickly.

I did a factory reset to handle #1 a month or so back, but it did not help and the factory reset seemed to cause #2, at least the timing was very close.

My question is can I flash myself back to Froyo and will it help? I had neither of these issues right after Gingerbread, but only had them in Gingerbread.

I don't think my hardware is the issue, the symptoms seem completely software to me.
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