Naptime doesn't work if i don't open her in my galaxy A8 running android 7.1.1 ?

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I have tried naptime with samsung galaxy A8 run android 7.1.1
If i open naptime apps, still in the main screen of naptime, i turn off the screen by the button -> i check i see stats & history that doze mode on/off such as it should be.

But if i close naptime apps, or even don't close it, press home and double tap to sleep my phone (through nova launcher) -> i check again and just see screen on/off

this happen if i don't turn on the second option "Re-apply doze after wake ups"

Overall, in my phone, naptime only works if i turn on all the options and have to click naptime apps before i turn off the screen.
I am using nova launcher, don't know if nova and naptime have something wrong if work together ?