Need advice, Verizon store screwed up my BOGO note 9


Oct 25, 2012
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Need some advice on what you guys would do.

Verizon Wireless had a buy a note 9 and get a note 9 free. It was a promotion that ended September 5th.

On September 2nd, I went to their authorized dealer, which says "verizon wireless on the store front".

I paid for the note 9 phone, I paid taxes on both phones as that was required for the deal, total amount paid was $1500 dollars on credit card. I attached a picture of the invoice. The note 9 512gb was backordered until October but that was OK as long as I pay for the phones, I verified this with Verizon online.

The sales agent was suppose to add the new line to my account for the promotion with Verizon, he said he would do all of this and I trusted he would.

Today September 9th, I call the store to ask a question about if the phone would be locked or unlocked.

The sales agent tells me that order never went through because of a glitch in the system with Verizon and he couldn't do the deal and wanted to refund the money for the deposit I paid for the phones. He had the 3rd, 4th and 5th to do this with Verizon and didn't do it, he also did not call me during this time.

I call verizon customer service directly, Verizon tells me that they never got the order to add the new line. It seems like the sales agent forgot to place the order with Verizon.

My question is can I bring them to small claims court and sue them? The promotion was for a free $999 verizon note 9 phone, that would be discounted from my phone bill for 24 months as long as I kept the new line. Which is not a problem because I needed and wanted the verizon service for the new line.

If anyone can please review the invoice I received for the phones which is below and I paid them $1444 dollars on my credit card and tell me if I have a case to sue them in small claims court. I really feel I got cheated out here of $999 dollars for the note 9 because the sales agent forgot to place the order with verizon. I have paid for the phones and have a paid invoice. Please remember this is not Verizon but an authorized dealer for Verizon wireless, which says "Verizon Wireless" on their store front. They have a different name for the company called Phone Matrix.

If I do bring them to small claims court, what will the court probably decide? If they agree with me will they give me compensation or force them to honor the deal? The reason I ask is should I not purchase any phone until the small claims trial?

Verizon customer service said that it would have to go to escalation and there is no guarantee it would work and he basically said that because the store you bought the phones from never ordered your new line for you it probably wouldn't be accepted by Verizon.

They wanted me to cancel the current phone order and do a new order also. The issue I have is if I do this wouldn't this not allow me to make a claim at small claims court because I am cancelling the original deal and opening up another order?

Thanks for any help you can give me with this.

Here is the invoice from an Authorized Verizon dealer, but they are actually not Verizon themselves but just an authorized dealer.



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Feb 5, 2018
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If it were me, I would not cancel the order. I would ask to see the district manager at the store. Don't let him walk away with the original receipt. Explain to him that you forgive their error, and insist he puts an override through the system and activates both lines. While in the store, ask to view the register screen, and assuring its correct, get a copy. If not, have it corrected on site.
If they refuse, I would take them to small claims court, and I would dispute it on the credit card statement prior to 60 days, with the reason that you did not get what you were charged for. I would dispute half of the total amount, not canceling any service.