Need some help with my AT&T S5


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Nov 26, 2014
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Ok so i am not new to the rooting or romming but this phone has me stumped. Got it rooted.. got safestrap on it... next was Pac-Man ROM and to no avail it booted past samsung screen fine.. past safestrap screen fine and then black nothing altho after a min or two if i hit the unlock buttom the bottom buttons lit up and if i hit the volume rocker it made noise (Functioning like normal) just no screen.. after afew reboots and a re flash over it still nothing.. now i tried flashing alliance ROM 2 or 3 times and now im bootlooping.. I lost my back up of this phone no to that.. cant get it to read a com port so i cant use odin for anything.. what do i do right now.. can anyone send me a back up they made so i can try that ? any other suggestions to get this phone back up and running agian? a flashable update? like a samsung offical update to flash in stock recovery to get it back up agian.. i cant find anything that doesnt need odin to make work?? Help PLEASE?? i may beable to donate to the person or people who help me get this back up!!! Even if its just a back up you made.. Thanks :'(

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