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Sep 22, 2011
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Want to see the orientation control back? The touch button that changes portrait to landscape orientation when gyro is disabled have not been on screen since Android 1.6 (it seems); :confused: there should, in fact, be a button/switch control on device hardware that can disable the gyro and put pad or phone in any orientation so you can read a PDF/eBook/DOC/HTML and keep tilting your touch pad without it changing document orientation and losing your place each time when shifting in and armchair (possibly at Starbucks). Laying down sideways on the couch, while reading on touch-pad, we don?t want the orientation to shift, anyone with me on this? :mad: Does the orientation control go to OS panel on Android 3x when gyro is disabled? Touch-pad on slanted table shouldn't have an orientation shift just because it has a gyro!

Auto rotate, no way! I want devices to have hardware for this, three mods: gyro / portrait / landscape. Paid apps, two apps, there should be a way to do with. People use android touch-pads to read eBooks and gyro just seems like a show off feature that is for some reason bundled, does not make sense for an Android touch-pad. What I heard is that guys use App Launcher pro and what ever else, we need to have a touch-pad eBook ready.

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