New to Android/ Note Series. I need help!

Apr 12, 2013
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Ok guys, I have spent the last hour or so on this website searching for answers for my question, Hoping yall can help.

Like I have mentioned, I am new to Android. I have seen quite a few posts on here with pictures and their battery life. For some people their battery loses 20% in 4 hours. However, I lose 10% in less than 30 minutes with very minimal use. How can I change my settings in the phone to give me more battery life.. Wifi, bluetooth, location, sync etc is off. Please help.. I can even post pictures if that would help


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Jul 14, 2010
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Everyone uses their device differently, so, unfortunately, there isn't any silver bullet. If there is, I haven't found it yet. I've done/tried most of the things I've listed below, and my battery life is pretty good. I'd say I'm a light to moderate user, and with the changes I've made on my phone (AT&T), I can go about 2 days with about 4-5 hours screen on time.

If your battery is draining that quickly, then it very well could be a rogue app or a bad battery. Look in battery statistics, and install GSam, and see if either point to any apps using battery or keeping your device awake.

You could also try some of these, if you haven't already:

You could be affected by the 'Wifi bug'. Connecting to routers/access points with a certain configuration (security) can cause battery drain. I was having this issue connecting to the wifi at my work, so now I have wifi and data both turned off when I'm at work, and only turn on data when I need it.

Disable 'always allow scanning' in Wifi advanced settings. I also have 'network notification' and 'auto connect' (this may be AT&T only) turned off

Turn off Enhanced LTE services (VoLTE) - should be under mobile data in settings

Turning off location can help, but if you need/want location enabled, disable just location history may help. Disabling location history will cause some features to not work, such as location specific reminders/prompts in Google Now, and location details in Fit.

Turn off voice activation in Google Now, if you don't use it.

Disable some of the S-Pen setting (ie. sound, vibration, alerts, pen detection)

You can turn off NFC if you don't use it, but I've never noticed any real difference with it on/off

If you have Google Fit installed, turn off activity detection in Fit settings. Even if you want this feature, you might consider only turning it on when you need it.

Disable any motions/gestures you don't use.

For apps, like Facebook, that sync, turn off sync and manually sync, or set to auto sync as little as possible. Or just uninstall Facebook and use the browser, or an app like Metal.

Go into your Google account (in Setting, accounts) and turn off sync for anything you don't want/need to sync.

Check to see if you're in a poor signal area. I believe GSam can show you a signal history.

Others have reported improvement using Package Disabler Pro to disable some uninstallable apps, particularly some of the Samsung apps (SFinder, SVoice, SHealth).

That's probably not a complete list, just what I can think of at the moment. For me, disabling Fit activity detection, Enhanced LTE services and location history had the biggest impact on battery.
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Apr 28, 2011
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Turn the brightness down. Way down. It will do wonders for your battery life. At work I have mine at about 25% brightness and it lasts all day. I only turn it up when I go outside. Don't trust "auto" brightness. Don't manually kill apps that you use regularly.


Feb 1, 2011
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I will add, after your first week or so, with your device, you'll then start to see your true battery life usage. By then, you'd start to 'use' your device, versus constantly changing settings, etc...


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Mar 10, 2014
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Are you coming from an iphone? I have seen in some cases email is the culprit, it will refresh over and over again. Check some of those settings too.

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Sep 20, 2012
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Recommend backing up data on the phone first prior to a factory reset. Samsung Smart Switch can do that.