New to Android - where can I learn?


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Sep 18, 2011
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Hello! I've finally jumped on the Android bandwagon, and purchased a used HTC HD2 running Android 2.2 from my friend.

I've been able to configure it for the most part, and take pride in the fact that often, I can figure things out. But, I'm stuck on something and hope someone has some ideas.

I have a limited data usage plan (for now) and when I'm at home and need the phone for something, I want to connect to my current home WiFi network. Problem is, I can only get the phone to connect if I configure it for a static IP and utilize the IP address assigned to my home network. If someone is using the network already, and I attempt to connect on my phone, the network allows the phone to connect but flashes an error on the computer user that there is an IP conflict with the network, and it will no longer work on the computer unless the phone is disconnected from the network.

(The computer is running Windows XP SP3).

Any help? Many thanks!


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Sep 12, 2011
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Well, first, you shouldn't ONLY be able to connect to WiFi using a static IP, by activating the WiFi it should recognize your network signal so you should be able to connect to it normally. Have you tried connecting to another WiFi? Perhaps a Starbucks, your friend's house or any other? If you can connect normally then there might be a problem with your home one, if you have problems there too, then your phone might need a visit to the phone's doctor. You can also ask your friend if it was having problems with him/her as well..

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