Nexus 10.1 To Dell 2130cn Printer Problem


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Jan 22, 2017
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I have a Dell 2130cn color laser printer which I just recently made wireless by use of the Dell Wireless adapter. Although the printer is connected by a usb cable to my desktop for printing, I made the printer wireless to enable my wife to use the printer with her Nexus 10 tablet. After a long search on the web, I found that I could not find any printer apps that would allow the tablet to connect with the printer except for the Dell Document Hub. All is working well with the Hub with the exception of one very important issue. I cannot get the printer to stop printing the documents in color. My printer's default preferences for the desktop are set to black with no issues there. The problem of the Dell 2130cn printer always printing in color is related to the Nexus 10 tablet only. When printing from the desktop (non wireless - usb cable), the printer prints in both black and white or color as directed by me. I went into the Document Hub settings and changed the color option in both the print and scan options to black. But I still am getting color printing. Can anyone tell me what I am missing in doing? Thank you. Rich

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