Nexus 6 Some sounds/ which speakers do what


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Hello, i have a Nexus 6. All was working well, i had small update yesterday(i was already on android 7) and next time i went to use my phone, i had no sound when making phone calls, unless i put it on speaker phone. It also rings normally, but has no sound when playing back youtube or audio files. Headphone jack works fine. I tried reset, still nothing. Im not afraid to replace speakers, but im not sure they are bad, because when it rings i get sound from both. Any ideas?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Just to clarify -- when you're on a call, you can't hear anything through the earpiece speaker, but can hear the caller when you're on speakerphone? But the main speaker doesn't work when playing media? That's strange, because speakerphone would be using the main speaker, so we know that the main speaker isn't faulty. Does this happen in Safe Mode as well?