Not digging Android Auto newest update...


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Aug 16, 2018
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So, it seems Android Auto, Assistant, or Google's background services has made some recent changes. On the dash Nav screen in my car, the three lines in the upper left are gone and replaced with the search bar. Right below that is a suggestion for where it thinks I might be going (home/work) that I am unable to swipe away. I can click the up arrow to reduce the height, but it stays there offsetting the entire navigation to the right. Dumb! To make it worse, there is now a constant settings gear on the left of the screen that does not go away, ever.

I like that they have attempted to make improvements, but this is not good. Hopefully someone at Google uses it and says the same thing and makes some beneficial changes sooner than later. I'll have to update with some photos later as I was driving to work and you know the rest.

Anyone else not enjoying the new design?