not getting email sound notifications


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Jan 31, 2010
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I'm not getting a email notification sound for my gmail nor for my other
email accounts. Yesterday, I was.
But today, for some reason, I'm not getting a sound notification when I receive emails.
In order to get my emails I have to go into gmail and into my other email accounts and "refresh" and then all my emails pop up.

I've checked all the settings that I can think of. Everything is enabled, as far as I can tell.
Anyone have any suggestions?



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Jan 3, 2010
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Having the same problem. Ready to take this back and retrieve my BB...
How did you fix it? Done hard resets, etc. Still not getting email notifications.

I'm not sure how the OP fixed his problem, but if you are running an automatic task killer, I'd start by disabling that to see if it fixes the problem. Also, it should be noted that the gmail app, by design, will only alert you for the first unread message your receive until you clear the alert or enter the application. If you receive an email and get an alert but do not read the email, clear the notification, or enter the gmail app, the app will not sound off a notification for any new emails that you receive after that.