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Mar 4, 2014
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So I saw that they're are two models. n9000 and n9005. Which one is better? I heard the n9000 doesn't have 4g LTE (I live in US). So I called best buy and they said they have the n900? Can someone help me understand all the differences? And is there a price difference with contract?


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Oct 2, 2011
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Mine is through Sprint and is SM-N900P, and CDMA. I believe the N9005 is the international GSM version. The N900A is ATT, also GSM; the N900T is T-mobile, also GSM; the N900V is Verizon which is CDMA. I hope this helps.

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Dec 25, 2013
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My UK/European official model is an N9005 (4G, 4k video, Qualcomm quad core). N9000 asian models are grey imported here, and also to the US from what I have heard. Most all US carrier variants have a N900- tag with a letter, and from what I gather they are specced like mine. Some don't mind 3G, I am tied to it for 2 months more with a 4G phone and it's still fast; but buy a grey import N9000 with caution and prior knowledge if it's a good deal. You may have to send it to the country of origin if it goes wrong. Your local Samsung won't help you. There is a way of checking a CSC code in any Note 3 to determine the country of origin, ie where it was meant for. Also imported 4G models will need to have the correct LTE radio bands to work in your region.
Check other threads.

*BUT it seems reading the OP again you will buy locally. You must have been looking at the international models N9005 / N9000.

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Jun 1, 2010
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You need to buy the one that matches the carrier your on. Another poster has already mentioned that int he US the a is ATT, T is for TMO, and V is for Verizon. I can confirmt the N900T is for Tmobile. Im with TMO and thats what i have.
Different carriers use different bands and protocols. Verizon and Sprint are CDMA / LTE and ATT TMO ue GSM / LTE..
Each carrier also brands theirs and has unique software for that specifc brand. TMobile for example offers WiFi calling so the TMO version has that feature baked in.
Sprint has Sprint Spark and that might or might not be enabled on that device.
if you lived outside the US then you would want to start to pay attention to the different models, as some are LTE and some not. Then theres different bands with in those.

So long story short, buy the one that matches what carrier you are currently on or plan on going with. It will save you from potential problems in the long run.