note 8 CPU Temperature ?

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My note 8 seems to be getting very hot lately . CPU temps are around 40C while in idle and it goes to like 62C while just surfing the internet . This happened after oreo update . What are your temps ?


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Oct 16, 2012
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Where do you check the CPU temperature?
Anyways the Note 8 shouldn't even get warm with just regular use.
Rouge app or faulty battery is of course an option but did you clear cache through recovery after?
I find that it clears many random problem and I always do it after a software update.
Mine only get warm not even when installing bigger updates


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Apr 20, 2013
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Yeah, it's very rare for this thing to get overly warm. The only time I have felt it getting warm is after long periods of SatNav usage while on my cars dashboard.

Come to think of it, it barely if ever gets warm during normal usage even when watching Netflix in UHD.