Note 9 has low brightness and less vibrant colors. The camera too has a lot of HDR issues.


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Sep 24, 2018
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I upgraded from S7 edge to Note 9 and the first difference I noticed is the brightness being low on my display, and the colors aren't that punchy as claimed. But my major issues are with it's camera. My S7 edge and my husband's S8 handles any hdr situation better. I am so frustrated with blown out sky in high lit backgrounds or too too dark/black foregrounds. The camera isn't able to balance the exposure at all. I did send my phone back to the service centre where I compared it with two other Note 9s there. Brightness and colors, both were dull only on my phone but the technicans there din't agree with me one bit. However, the camera issue was consistent on all handsets. Just got my phone back yesterday. Brightness is still low and I am forced to use my phone on high performance mode, full brightness (with auto brightness disabled) to get the brightness I am used to. The phone still automatically dims it in half an hour or so on it's own. It is so frustrating. Is it some software issue which will be fixed in coming upgrades or does it seem to be a faulty handset. Samsung hasn't acknowledged the issue at all so I am not sure what would be my next step, but for now, I want to know if anyone else has noticed any of the issues with the camera or display that I have.


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Sep 28, 2013
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I also upgraded from the S7 edge to the Note 9. However I am not experiencing any problems with the camera or display.

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