Notification volume not getting restored when switching from Vibrate/Mute back to Sound


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Jul 21, 2012
So this is a strange one that I never noticed on my S6, but on the S7 is sporadically occurs. I cannot recreate it on demand, it only seems to happen after the device has been on Vibrate or Silent for a period of time (for 30 minutes or more).

Issue: I swipe down on the Notification Panel and click on the Sound icon to change to Vibrate or Mute. Later, I follow the same method and turn it back to Sound. The ring tone goes back to Normal, but my Notification tone is still Muted and I only notice later when I realize my notifications are still not making a sound. I then go to the Volume menu and see Ring Tone at normal volume, but Notifications are still at 0 or muted still. I then have to manually adjust it to the right volume.

This is with Do Not Disturb turned OFF, so that's not impacting it.

If I just turn the Sound to Vibrate or Mute and then switch it back to Sound within a few minutes, I don't have the issue. It only occurs when the phone has been on Vibrate or Mute for a period of time.

Anyone else see this issue or is able to recreate it?


Apr 15, 2014
I am having this same issue.
I have a scheduled Do Not Disturb mode enabled however some mornings I get vibration but no sound for notifications.
It can also occur randomly with sounds working during the morning but disappearing in the afternoon.
I too cannot recreate it and the only way to fix it is a restatrt.
It happens randomly for different apps including SMS, yahoo mail, outlook and snapchat.