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When is this going to be fixed? For those of us who have their work email routed to their phone, you need to know IF there is mail before going through the process of logging in to see it. This is a HUGE problem and I wouldn't have bought this version of the phone if I knew this was going to happen after the first update. Anyone else having this issue and/or found a work around? I am livid!


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Nov 22, 2014
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1. What phone?
2. If you're not logged into the email, how would the phone even know if there is email in the first place? You shouldn't log out of the email app if you want the phone to even know you have email in order to put badges on the app.
3. There's nothing to fix really. The numerical badge is a function of the launcher used on the phone, not the OS. If the manufacturer decided to put a launcher that does not support numerical badges, just get a launcher that does.