Official Guide: How to report bugs to us!

James Falconer

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Nov 1, 2012
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We realize that from time to time certain problems may arise with our site , and we do all we can to fix them, promptly. But we can't fix them unless we can recreate the problem. That's what this thread is for!

For any serious or recurring issue you'd like to report, take the following steps so that our stellar tech team can recreate (and fix!) from their end:

  1. Record your screen to illustrate the issue. You can do that at
  2. If the issue has anything to do with functionality, please provide a recording with the JS console open.
  3. If the issue is purely visual, take a screenshot or two. Instructions: Mac, PC, iOS, Android
Once you have the video/screenshots ready, you can report it here in our forums using the following format:

Thread title:
Give a short accurate description of the problem
Description: In the description include your recording and/or screenshots along with any additional notes.
URL to reproduce: Paste the URLs where you're able to produce the problem
Do you have AdBlock enabled? Yes/No

That's it! We appreciate your feedback and help with any site issues. We can't do this without you!

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