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Sep 14, 2018
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Permissions & Privacy
This is first and foremost. Permissions are closely related to our privacy. According to Android Documentation (developer.android.com/guide/topics/permissions/overview), there are two type of permission:

Normal : Normal permissions cover areas where your app needs to access data or resources outside the app's sandbox, but where there's very little risk to the user's privacy or the operation of other apps.

Dangerous : Dangerous permissions cover areas where the app wants data or resources that involve the user's private information, or could potentially affect the user's stored data or the operation of other apps.

Dangerous Permissions in OH Browser: None
(No Camera Permission, No Location Permission, No Storage Permission , No Contact Permission, No Identification Permission, etc).

This app doesn't analyse your behavior, No Firebase analytics connected to this browser,

So clearly most secure browser!

Most respect to your privacy! Not just marketing!

Short version of Privacy Policy: We do not collect any personally identifiable information from users (period).

OH is not just another design, OH is UI revolution! Every element, every pixel is redesigned & simplified! One Handed, Minimal, Easy, Intuitive, Stylish, Gorgeous UI & most User Friendly design! Make your browser experience fun & cool, once experienced you can't go back!

OH efficiently utilizes the WebKit rendering engine that comes built into your Android device, so 3 advantages,
1) Unmatched speed with native experience,
2) Small app size & lightweight, saves storage & battery,
3) Up-to-date security & optimization even without upgrading OS by just updating the WebKit!

OH is one stop shop, packed with almost all features, no extra add-ons needed! Some unique features are Powerful Ad blocker, Intuitive Gestures, Save As Web Archive / PDF, Separate Private Tabs, Secure Screen, Multiple Search Engines Support. Also more cool features are developing continuously!

Quick gestures!

Hand Icon:
Long press - Go to top
Double Tap - Expand status bar

Search Icon :
Double tap - Refresh
Swipe left - Backward
Swipe right - Forward

Tabs indicator:
Double tap - New Tab
Swipe left - Previous Tab
Swipe right - Next Tab
Long press - Private mode

Overflow Menu:
Swipe Up - Bookmarks
Long Press - Settings

Tips & Tricks: sites.google.com/view/onehandyapps/tips-tricks


Got an idea? error? Want to contribute translation? Reach is just a mail away!

E- mail:

Q: I am using MIUI based mobile, when I download or save file, it says "Turn on documents", is that the problem of this app?
A: No, it is bug of MIUI, search "How to enable documents ui in MIUI", after you enable it, it will work fine.


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