Ok so i jumped ship...


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Dec 3, 2009
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Rooted, backed up and flashed ROM with Smoked Glass. Then went with DroidMod 1.0 cause Smoked Glass was to buggy. FC's all over the place.

Anyways to put it lightly, im loving it. A 1GHZ Droid is out of this world. :)

I just have a few questions/problems im hoping you fine folk can help me with:

1. I was able to make a backup of my stock ROM. The thing is is now i cant flash it back on, im constantly getting some "status error 21" or 25...cant remember. Any thoughts?

2. In relation to the above question, whenever i try to flash any other custom ROM, i ALSO get a "status 20 something" error. Again, any thoughts?

3. Ever since i made the first back up and flashed Smoked Glass on my phone, i cant seem to make any other back up ROM. Whether i go to Basic or Advanced backup, it just hangs at "Attempting to make Restore" or whatever it says. It literally hangs there forever, i end up having to do a battery pull (i know, bad) to get the phone operational again. Any thoughts for this?

4. How do i install theme's?

Help with be much much much appreciated.



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Nov 8, 2009
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What recovery image are you using?
do you have a nandroid folder on your sdcard
Sorry if the question seem random never had that issue and I'm trying to track down the error
If your having issues flashing custom roms try to make sure you extract the rom and you don't have a folder in a folder.
If its a nandroid backup make sure its in your nandroid folder
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Nov 17, 2009
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as far as questions 1-3, I'm afraid i don't have much to offer. last night i reflashed and it had a problem that was somewhat like you described. I pulled the battery after 30 minutes (it had hung on 'dumping system'), then when i rebooted it the bugger hung on making the backup. pulled again and then everything was fine. never had an error msg.

as far as themes, you'll want MetaMorph (free app on market), probably xStock (to undo any theme changes before jumping to a new one - or just reflash...), and xUltimate to change your clock color for themes (great walk through here - How to change clock to white and blue (step by step))

after that it's all pretty straight forward. alldroid has a lot of themes, you'll find the glass theme sholes used before there, just search for Smoked Glass 2.0 (Glass v 1.03 - no blue, is what you want).

Yesterday someone posted this all with links but I can't seem to find it...


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Nov 2, 2009
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I have never had those errors so I'm not sure what to tell you. Are you wiping the phone before you flash a new ROM? Maybe you need to find a fresh 2.0.1 ROM (try a search) to install and start over with rooting and custom ROM's. Sorry I couldn't help anymore :(

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