On a Moto X Pure, how do I store pictures in the SD card?


Jun 19, 2018
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"" Originally Posted by jim887
I tried accessing photos.google.com on my laptop, and it showed no option to see screenshots.""

"That's probably because your screenshot folder is not being synced in Google photos. Try this, open Google photos in your phone - open the side menu (hamburger icon to left)"

I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what a "hamburger icon" is.
If you want people to understand you, you need to EXPLAIN THINGS.

- settings - backup & sync - backup device folders - enable 'screenshots'.

You can also sync only one file (screenshot) after you long press it or share it via email, as acejavelin said.

Originally Posted by jim887
How do I "clear data for camera app"?
Settings - apps - Camera - Storage - Clear data.

It says, "All this app's data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases, etc.

What are the implications of this? How would I know? Where is this explained?

Originally Posted by jim887
Do you mean, reboot the phone?

Originally Posted by jim887
""don't know how to do that. Is there some sort of program to test the function of the SD card?"
"Open any media file that is saved on the card."

How do I do that?

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
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Hamburger icon. This is an standard symbol to access different menus in pages and apps. Three small horizontal lines usually placed top left of the screen. You can also open the side menu swiping in from the left edge.

Again, you can share just one file (the easiest way being via email). Select one picture in Google photos - tap the share icon (three dots connected) - select email and follow instructions.

Clearing data message. This is an standard warning, but don't worry, you won't lose any personal information. I (we) would never recommend you any action that could remove your personal data without an explicit warning. Clearing data for the camera app will only delete any minor change in the camera settings. Nothing very important.

Media files on SD card. It seems you have more than 8gbs used in the card so I assumed you have already saved some files in there. What are they?


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Jun 13, 2012
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I understand your frustration with using a new device, especially if you are not used to Android... Unfortunately, other than basic phone use like making/receiving calls, text messaging, managing contacts, etc. There isn't much documentation to Android, it is largely trial by fire so to speak. We try to help out wherever we can and get new users along because once you become familiar with the basic concepts, it gets much easier and people tend to really enjoy the experience.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this goes back to how the card was setup and how unclear many of the prompts are in Android to new users. For clarification since attaching a screenshot is a bit difficult in your situation, here is a picture of External (Portable) storage vs Internal (Adopted) storage, the one on the left is External/Portable and the one on the right is Internal/Adopted. If you go to Settings - Storage and look at the screen, is it more like the one on the left or the right? Don't worry about the color, that in itself is not relevant in this case. Note that the one on the left distinctly has the SD card under the heading "Portable Storage", is that where your card appears or is like the one on the right under Device Storage?

Another telltale sign is the total under Device Storage, where it shows "Total used of xx.xxGB" if that total is 32GB and you have a 32GB phone then your storage is likely not adopted, if your phone is a 32GB phone and the total is ~48GB then a 16GB card has been adopted (as is shown in the example), if it's ~64GB then a 32GB card has been adopted, etc.

Also, if your card is Portable Storage, it will have an unmount icon (the up arrow, or triangle with a line underneath it) to the right of the card name, if it is not there, it cannot unmounted and is likely Adopted Internal Storage.

adopted_vs_portable storage.jpg

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