On my new Nokia 8 (Android 8.1) I only get notifications when I open an app. How to solve this?

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I got a new Nokia 8 and everything worked fine, except for one thing: I only receive notifications when I open an app. For example, someone sends me a whatsapp at 13 o clock and only when I open whatsapp at 16 o clock I see that he sent a message. The same applies to gmail.

I tried everything. I turned off battery optimization for every app. I made sure battery saver was off. I made sure a feature (I believe Nokia only) called 'background activity cleaner' was off. I tried the Push Notifications Fixer App for non-rooted devices. i tried different wifi networks (which btw all work, I can easily browse the internet or go on youtube). I tried clearing cache of the apps and of play services. I did a complete factory reset. After the factory reset, I made a new google account, only updated the pre-installed apps and only installed whatsapp. i did not change anything and I still have this problem.

Does anyone have any ideas? I won't install custom ROM cause that will void my warranty. I would be really thankful for any help.
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Apr 26, 2016
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Try going into the settings and opening the home launcher. I cleared all data and cache from it and restarted my phone. That seemed to do the trick with mostly all notifications.

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