Oneplus 3 screen completely dead! Please help


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Hello fellow geeks

so a couple months ago i dropped my op3 and the screen broke, everything worked fine though and i was planning on fixing the screen myself. However, last week suddenly my screen started to show green and pink colors all over it, and the bottom half of the touchscreen stopped working. the colors spread and the screen became darker and darker. a few days later the screen was completely black, but i can still feel the top part responding to touch input by vibrating (triggered by pressing the numbers on the sim PIN padlock presented after booting the phone).

What i'd like to know from you guys is; what exactly is broken in my op3? I guess the LCD (seen as it's probably leaked liquid that fried the whole thing). And also, what parts should i order (through something like aliexpress)?

Now, i wanna fix this myself, i have an ifixit toolkit lying around that i can finally put to use. I'm fairly handy at this stuff, so i'm confident i can revive the phone, if i have the right parts of course.

Any advice is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance everyone

Have a good one

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