Oneplus 8T - Swapping components between KB2007 & KB2000

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Mistakenly I ordered this OnePlus 8T (KB2007) through eBay which is locked to T mobile US. In my country T-Mobile network is not available. Now I got a lead to this OnePlus 8T (KB2000 global version) with a display issue (other than the display issue all other functions are working well in that phone). And I can get it for a very fair deal.

What I am thinking is to get this phone (KB2000) and swap its inside parts with my OnePlus 8T (KB2007). So I just need the 'display and the housing' of the KB2007 to be compatible with the other components of KB2000 (both phones exactly same 12 Gb RAM, 256 Storage 5G version)

I just want to know whether this is technically feasible?

Because I still need to pay and buy that KB2000 from this local seller. If the components are not compatible and can not be swapped with my phone the money spent will be a waste. So before buying I need to make sure whether it is compatible.

All your support is warmly welcome !

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