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Wu Jing Ping

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May 19, 2012
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I have a bad memories. Sometime, I forgot somethings which have just been happen.Especially, I usually place my cell phone in somewhere, so then I spent a lot of time to get back.
I make the decision that I find some sofware which can help me get back phone when I need.
Therefore, I find "Lost and Found" in Google Play and have installed, you know I detect other amazing things in this software.

1. They also support to track and remote your phone when you lost. You can get GPS and IMEI phone.
2. They give us 2 modes, with Intelligent mode you are boss, you will feel like that when you get the messages from your phone.
3. You don't remember a lot of keywords,just remember username and password to authenticate at the first time (Lost and found- Intelligent mode).
4. You are not worry about being theif information, you can clear SDcard and phone history or factory reset to get back your phone to beginning status (you can not control your phone anymore).
5. You can remote to lock you phone, other people can not access any features.
6. You can send the messages to the theif in status which you lock you phone.

Video demo is in here : Lost and Found Promotion - YouTube
You guy can get it in here:


Below is the introduce information from products:

* change information about SIM card change, talk with the theif.
I am sure that you also love your phone very much. So, have you ever been worry in a day when you can forget or lost your phone in somewhere? How can you find it?
Lost and Found will do it for you via SMS. In addition, we give to you more methods to remote your phone as clear history, reset your phone, notify when SIM card changed,?
You will be amazing about what Lost and Found can do.
If you can control your phone via SMS with basic functions in saving money with Manual mode else in Intelligent mode which you can use all basic and advance functions in easy way.

- Get current location of phone basing on GPS or network via SMS.
- Get IMEI phone.
- Clear phone history.
- Clear SDcard.
- Lock phone.
- Factory reset.
- Talk with the theif.
- Following template.
- Find your phone when you forget it.

- Get GPS just work when you enable GPS or network of phone, you are not worry about battery. You are just active we will manage GPS for you.
- Factory reset just work from 2.2 versions when you are active Administrator Devices.

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