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Phone/Dialer App for KitKat


New member
Nov 25, 2012
I have a rooted Galaxy S3 with 4.4.4 installed (Cyanogenmod). I am looking for a simple phone/dialer app instead of the default, pain in the rear, app. I mean, it's primarily a phone. I don't need it to try and predict who I might call from my contact list. I don't need all the garbage that the default dialer tries to shove onto the screen. I just want to dial a freaking number and they've made it the most difficult task to perform on the phone. When I hit the phone icon, I just want the dialpad to appear with icons to go to my contact list, turn on the speakerphone option, and an icon for the call log. That's it. Is there an app that will do just that (like the ICS dialer/phone app)? I've tested some of the more popular dialer/phone apps in the Market and they just add more complexity to what should be the easiest task to perform on the phone. Any suggestions appreciated.

Thank you!