Phone feels sluggish still


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Feb 24, 2011
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Fascinate laggy

Today it seems even worse. My phone is literally almost laggy to the point of being worthless. It takes several seconds after unlocking to even do anything, several more to load my inbox, and several more to open a text. Then the keyboard takes a minute to pop up, then a few more seconds to even start typing. The lag on each letter is so bad that my auto correct (Swiftkey) inputs the wrong letters, butchering my texts, which then take forever to erase. It's awful and I have no clue what's causing it. I'm about to completely wipe my phone of everything, go to stock, and re root it (as much as I'd hate to).

i just installed the EB01 debloat/detoxed and dont have any problems at all and as far as speed goes it seems to be faster than before.

one thing everyone might consider is to not load the app killer..
i read smewhere maybe even here that is was a drager at times and did more harm than good.. just a thought..

this thought from a fascinate;;; running froyo EB01db --- thus far it is right on the button
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Dec 21, 2010
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The irony of seeing this post after 2.7 had been posted and yanked from the forums kills me. Also, I have a thread open about it but may as well ask here. Would using odin to flash D101 on my phone completely wipe it and make it factory-esque? My phones having the weirdest problems and feels slower than my Samsung Rogue did (alright, not that slow). I'm wondering if flashing D101 for a fresh start, then flashing 2.6 or even the EB01 would fix it?

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