Phone Restarts Completely When Connected to Home Wifi

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I have a Moto G7 Power phone.

I also have Verizon Fios Wifi at home.

Shortly after I first had Fios installed, my phone began randomly resetting when connected to my home wifi network.

This usually happens within 1 hour after connecting, but usually within 30 minutes.

Sometimes, this happens many hours after I originally connected (I think this happens if my phone disconnects and reconnects to wifi automatically without me knowing).

This did not occur before I got Verizon Fios wifi.

This has not occurred on any other wifi network - only on my home network. Additionally, this has never occurred off of wifi.

I reached out to verizon support directly and they told me that it's impossible for wifi to affect my phone this way, however I do not believe this is accurate given that being connected to my home wifi network has been the only associated variable with this event- which has occurred daily for months.

Does anyone have any advice or insight related to resolving or understanding this?

I can't seem to find an appropriate solution for this.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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