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Hello, everyone, I hope you can help. I've had my phone for about a year and a half now, and never had a problem with it. The only change I've ever made was adding an SD card to it for more photo storage, about 8 months ago. I have often shared my photos to either Facebook or Facebook Messenger easily. About 2 weeks ago, however, I stopped being able to do so. At first, I would open a photo, press the "share" button, then press the Messenger (etc) app icon, then I'd get the scrolling circle "processing" icon for a second, and that was it. I'd be looking at my photo again, it wouldn't open Messenger for me to select someone to send to. Same with the Facebook app. I don't know much about cell phones (this is my first one, believe it or not) so I don't know what to do. I've tried clearing caches, uninstalling and reinstalling apps, and rebooting my phone a million times. Now, when I open a photo, press the "share" button, then press the Messenger app icon, it just opens Messenger to my friends list, but if I select anyone, it just opens up the chat, like it "forgot" I was trying to share a photo.

I am unable to refer to my device manual because it's all in Japanese (I forgot to mention, it's a Japanese phone). It's a Digno G if that helps. I figure most people won't be familiar with a Japanese phone, but the Android system still works the same, so I'm hoping for some good news. It's using Android version 7.1.1 and the most recent security patch is from September 1, 2019 (but again, this problem only started up about 2 weeks ago). I swear I haven't downloaded or changed anything on the phone since I got it... it's actually a company phone I'm renting from my job, so the only personal stuff I have on it are my photos and 2 app games.

Any help is appreciated! Please let me know if you need more info about the phone!


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Welcome to Android Central! Is this only with Facebook and Facebook Messenger? If so, it could very well be a problem with their app -- Facebook apps are notorious for bugginess. Send feedback to the developers and wait for an app update to see if they fixed it.

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