Phonebook syncing issue

Stephanie Pittman

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Jan 6, 2013
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Okay I had this problem with both my MyFordTouch and Uconnect. When I first got MyFordTouch and sync;d my phone everything worked great and phonebook downloaded and all my contacts were there and worked. Then one night I was messing with my phone removing contacts and taking the twitter sync and what not off and then i realized my phonebook in my car was no longer displaying. It showed an empty phonebook. I tried resyncing and complete removing and redownloading and still nothing. Does same with my new car that has Uconnect so obviously I clicked something on my actualy phone. I just cant figure out how to fix it. my contacts are set to share and sync and display with everything so any help please. It sucks when someone calls and it just shows a number and not there name when im driving. Also, for some reason in my car phonebook it does display a contact in names "my name" no clue what that is cause im my actual phone there is not contact called that.

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