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Nov 30, 2014
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Hi there!

I'm new here, I thought I'd register to see if anybody has a fix for my issues which are driving me mad!

Firstly, if I delete a camera photograph from the 'Photos' app it'll restore itself after a few hours and it seems the only way I can permanently delete them is if I use the File Manager or delete them using my PC. I've had two M8's both with the same issue so hopefully it's not just me and somebody knows a fix!

Secondly, App photos appear in the Photos gallery. This only happens on my second M8 and didn't happen on my original so I'm not sure if this is something a format could fix or if it's a bug with the OS. Two apps I've noticed do this are the Transport for London app and the Facebook Messenger app. I have to either go through and delete the files manually within photos or clear all app data for that app. It looks like the phone is displaying all images on the phone within Photos rather than just Camera photos which is all I'd want in there.

If anybody knows how to fix these issues I'd appreciate the help!

Thank you!



May 15, 2014
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To delete a photo in the horrible Google Photos app, if you took the photo on that phone, first select "On Device" from the drop down in the app, THEN delete it. Deleting it from the general Photos section only deletes the cloud copy, and the local copy will back up again.

The app is a horrendous mess, but frankly, I use a multitude of devices, and I haven't found a better solution to access all my photos on all my devices in an organized fashion. Even QuickPic cloud integration doesn't seem very good.

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