Pictures saved as heic are being displayed oversaturated in Google Photos on the web


May 14, 2023
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We all know that the S23 Ultra sometimes oversaturates pictures it takes, especially food. I disabled Scene Optimizer and the effect was less, but as I am using Google Photos was baffled to see, that my pictures using Google Photos on my S23 Ultra looked normal, but using Google Photos on any other desktop computer they looked extremely saturated. I started experimenting and found out that the issue is Google Photos on the web, and not my S23 Ultra. I copied the same picture on my desktop and used another app to open it. The result was very interesting. My Mac displayed the picture normal, with no over saturation.

Here is an example. On the left side you see the same file opened on my Mac with the default preview app, and on the right side you see how Google Photos displays the same picture using Chrome. It's awful!

If I use jpg as the main format in the camera of the S23 Ultra, then the problem doesn't occur. That means that Google Photos has some problem rendering heic pictures taken from an S23 Ultra correctly. Heic pictures of iPhones are being displayed correctly.
This is really bad and I hope Google starts supporting the heic format better..
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