Pictures that aren't mine appear when I import to computer.


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I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 running on Android Kit Kat. When I connect my device to my Mac and import photos into iPhoto, there are about 500 photos that import that aren't mine. They seem to be completely random photos (selfies of hundreds of different people, pics of animals, and a few vulgar pics). I've never seen them before, and I can't find them anywhere on my device to erase. They don't show up in my gallery apps. They only show up when I connect to the computer to import photos.

I've tried erasing all my caches and that doesn't work. Has anyone else experienced this before? Any ideas how I can locate the source of these random photos?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! My guess is that they're thumbnails, both of any full-sized photos you may have taken as well as any thumbnails used by some of your apps. When you import, it just imports all images it can find.

Use a file manager app like ES File Explorer to look for folders that include thumbnails. Start with DCIM/.thumbnails, but also check other folders that might be created by apps. You can always delete thumbnails, but if you use the particular app again, it will probably generate more.