Plan to recover data from factory reset (Testdisk, etc) unrooted GS5, brkn display.Overwrite risk?


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Jan 22, 2017
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Mine appears a bit unique due to simultaneous multiplicity of challenges. The phone accidentally got reset I'm guessing to factory kitkat ROM. Also the display does not work but touch surface does.
I want to recover what I still can using software such as Testdisk/Photorec, but to access 100% of storage and image it out I need root, for which I must perform more write operations aside from what already was overwritten during the factory reset.
The GS5 has MLC NAND internal memory. I read that in this type of semiconducter arrays, a partition will typically remain consolidated in one physical chip location, but there is also software which optimizes storage blocks' wear rate, and dynamic partition resizing built into the ROM, and other bits of code, so I do not understand what overwrite risk exists when rooting, or how I can minimize overwrites.

Does anyone have insight on how the storage addresses are managed for I/O optimization, and how partitions are physically distributed on these types of storage chips?
I am deciding on the least intrusive rooted ROM install method, but with a defunct screen and factory fresh unactivated phone, my options are limited.

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