Playstore N6 available NOW!!


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Jun 7, 2010
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This phone has been out for a month, they need to cut the ****.

I am sure it's production issues. Qualcomm has already said they can't make chips fast enough and won't be able to make as many chips as they would like to make to fill orders.... I know there have been display panel issues.... Foxconn is building a new $2.6 billion dollar factory just to make iPhone displays and Samsung already announced plans to build a $3 billion smartphone display factory to go with the $2+ billion display factory they just opened back in March to keep up with all these devices....

a few years back flash memory was hard to get your hands on (at the manufacturing level)

a lot of people making lots of phones.. Since they are drop shipping directly from China (Motorola) shows me they are pretty much sending phones out as soon as they roll off the assembly line... The only thing I'd wish Google/Motorola would do is be more transparent with everyone on what is going on and maybe build up some stock instead of this little trickle of devices going up for sale each week for a few seconds....

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