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"Please check your connection and try again" message


AC Question

I have an LGV10 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. For the last two weeks or so, I get a sporadic message that pops up at the bottom of my screen right above the home buttons. It is white text on a black background that says "Please check your connection and try again." It seems to pop up randomly when I am texting, on Google Hangouts, Facebook, what have you, but the phone is working fine. (Or as fine as can be expected given the problems I've had with it, but that's another story.)

I've checked my WiFi connection, don't see anything wrong with that. I also thought maybe it had to do with Google Play so I did a force stop on that, but I'm still seeing the message.

I'll try to screenshot it next time it pops up, but in the meantime, anyone have any idea of what's causing this and how I can get it to stop?

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