Please help: Samsung Galaxy s6 FrP


Mar 9, 2011
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Hey guys, I am new to the android central world read a lot but never experienced anything like this.

So when I bought my Samsung GS6 it was brand new in box etc.

I had the phone for About 4 months when on Aug 30th something happened and the phone did not work well at all. I am not an expert with phones, I would call myself a noob. I couldn't do anything on my phone it froze and I could barely open anything. I called Samsung tech support, and we tried to troubleshoot the phone but it was being pretty unresponsive I could get to places it just took a while.

The Samsung rep told me to do a factory reset, by clicking a number of buttons, home volume up and power if I remember correctly it took me to a blue screen with a white android man(why he gotta be white though,jk). Then to the 'recovery' we did a factory reset, and the phone turned on and it was running okay. I was going through the steps to have my phone become a phone and I got a message that stated abnormal factory reset enter your account info. I did, that didn't work, so we decided to reset my password online, we reset it,verified it worked (on the computer) and attempted to log in again. Again it said process failed, the rep decided the info was not updated yet and can take upwards of 5 mins to update, I think when we tried it the first time over 10 mins passed. We proceeded to shoot the **** for an additional 10 mins before we tried to login again, yet again it failed. I was a bit upset as my phone was a paperweight. The service rep stated I would need to send it into Plano Texas, and I would not get a temporary phone but I shouldn't worry it will all be fixed. I got pissed yelled a bit then thought about it and I didn't really have another choice... So I got the label and sent it in the next day.

Well I have been calling daily for status updates and I got different things everyday. One guy said it was fixed the next said they were almost done etc. today I called in and they told me nothing was done due to the factory reset protection (FrP). I proceeded to tell them the above and they said that they already shipped the phone out.

Anyone know anything that can be done or should I throw my phone in the trash. The phone was a gift from my parents because I am currently broke and all my money went to medical bills.

I was burnt alive in a fire.

Any help that anyone can provide would be great.

If not thanks anyways

This was all written with my left hand as my right just had surgery and has a pin in it and a cast on it. ( I'm right handed) I don't know why I added that could be the loopy pills they gave me.



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May 31, 2010
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What password are you talking about? When you do a factory reset it clears all your data off the phone so why is it asking for your password. Samsung support is the worst. Sent them my phone on the 1st and it's still not back.

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