popup notifications on lockscreen and AOD.(some like the ios)


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Sep 25, 2018
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i switched from Iphone x to Note 9. its a different phone an take some time to know. but one main issue i have is that i cant figure out how to get popup notifications to work.
i hope and belive that i can get it some like the iphone. it seems to do this on the stock message app but that about it.

i will like to have pop up on like Snapshat, facebook, email, instragram, my alarm system.
but all this just makes a sound and the screen is still black or AOD is on but still no popup like the message app.
i like the samsung lockscreen but without pop up notifications when screen is off its for me a little bit usless.

i have found a app called ava lockscreen that seem to do this in a way but then the samsung lockscreen i a layer under, can this be turned off.

i cant understand that popup on selected apps isent possible on this device without a 3 party app. is there somthing wrong with my device.

all my apps i set to urgent so i dont think its a problem with the notifcations settings.
maybe som lockscreen settings that i dont know off.

if some one can post a video or somting off this working i will be happy.

please help.


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Feb 1, 2017
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As Bo21 said : Glimpse notification is what you have to use. It basically wake up the screen to let you see the head up notification.

As to why you need third party : because Samsung want you to use the AOD and Edge lighting. The AOD will show clearly at any time if you have notifications and the Edge lighting is showing up a little bubble (pill) with the notification content when the notification occurs (Though it doesn't work with all application : SMS will work, Email won't it's hit or miss. Also if you try to use Edge Lighting don't enable it for all applications, as it may prevent some application to work correctly)

And eventually : you could try a smart watch. I'm using a Wear OS TIC Watch. And it's really the best way to see notification as they happen.

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