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Possible to identify compatible custom ROM using available info on the devices firmware?


AC Question

Apologies if this has been covered previously, this is my first Android forum post & I've not had much luck googling the answer to my question.

Mrs has been given a decent phone (ALO X7 Mini, bespoke build) to use temporarily after she smashed her phone, but it's a Chinese model. The Android version is a custom built Chinese one, and as such doesn't have the Google Play store installed (the Chinese seem to have their own). Tried installing the play store & play services using the Chinese app store but play services aren't working (guessing it can't connect to Google servers), therefore nothing Google based will work. Need the app store for obvious reasons.

Is there any way to know which custom ROMs would be compatible with this device based on its kernel version? The only solution to get it working properly seems to be to flash an English built custom ROM. Just worried about flashing a ROM and it being incompatible, thus bricking the phone.

Any help very much appreciated!!