Power and volume down button not working.

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I know this is long I just want to give all the details so I can get an accurate answer. I turned on my phone (Nokia 3v) to use Google and a system update was downloading. When I tried to use google my keyboard wouldnt pop up. Turned my screen off to go sit somewhere to fix the issue then my power button wouldn't work! I didn't drop it from the time I turned the screen off to the time I tried to turn it on. I haven't dropped it in weeks. I plugged it in and the screen turned on and a message saying that the update couldn't be installed because the battery was under 50%. Keyboard finally works again but the on button and volume down don't. Again I don't think this is a physical issue. I did try to check the system updates and it said the last one I did was in March. Pushed the button to check for new ones and absolutely nothing happened.

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