Problem With Samsung 5 sending Chinese messages when using certain emojis...


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The problem (Chinese) only happens if there are emojis (that came with the phone on the latest software update which is android 6.0.1) when I send a text. If I take the emojis out, the text sends in English. Since my latest update on my phone a week ago, every time I send a text message with some kind of emoji's, my message turns into Chinese to whoever I sent it to. It happens within the ATT network, that's all I use and text to in my family. Any suggestions (besides not using emojis) on what the problem may be or how to correct it? I have a Samsung Galaxy 5. Thanks, Debby


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Oct 28, 2016
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Problem only occurred with incoming text messages that included an emoji. Tried all the suggestion. Subsequently determined my SIM Card was bad. Got a new SIM card and problem resolved.