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Nov 17, 2023
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Hi guys and girls!
I recently bought a used Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro phone, mostly because of the large sensor of the main camera (1/1.33").
I need this phone for mobile film making and for shooting videos.

The problem is this: When I enter Pro Mode for shooting 4K or 8K video via the Xiaomi camera app, and when I manually set all the necessary settings (ISO, Shutter Speed, White balance), the exposure still changes if I pan the camera from light to dark (makes the dark areas even darker!). This drop in overall brightness should not occur when the exposure is fixed manually. Any fluctuations in exposure are unacceptable, given that every setting is manually set to a fixed value.

- The problem occurs not only with the factory Xiaomi camera app, but also when I am using third-party video shooting apps such as mcpro24fps and MotionCam.
- The problem also occurs when using both the Wide and the Ultra Wide cameras.

This suggests to me that the issue is not caused by the apps or by the cameras, but is most likely caused by some bug in MIUI and/or Android.

What do you think is the cause for this problem?
How can I fix it?
Should I downgrade to an older MIUI and/or Android version?
Or should I root my phone and adjust some setting?

I am currently running:
Android 12
MIUI Global 14.0.1

Here is a video demonstrating the problem. Notice how the whole picture becomes darker when I point the camera down to the bushes:

Thanks in advance!

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