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I have a LG V20 and I use Textra as my texting application. I've had no problems up until a recent OS update about a month ago. Now when I receive any texts the go to the built in "Messaging" app and not Textra. That is unless I send a text through Textra, then the responses to those come in on Textra.

I've gone into the Settings and have confirmed that Textra is set as my default SMS app and when I open up the Messaging app it always asks if I want to make it my default app (which I don't).

I don't know what to do to fix it so that all texts, no matter what, go through Textra. Again, this seemed to happen after my phone upgraded to the latest OS (v8.0.0).


Jul 14, 2011
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Check the stock messaging app for any options regarding RCS or Enchanced Messaging (not all carriers allow this to be turned off, however). Any 'chat' messages sent through RCS can only be accessed by the stock app, not 3rd party ones. Once you set Textra as your default and initiate the conversation there, the thread is sent/received using standard SMS/MMS protocols. When you do so from the stock app, however, if RCS is active and you initiate or receive a message from a number that also has RCS active, then the conversation is sent through RCS (thus, can only be sent/received via the stock app).

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