Release Date Delay Until 7/10


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Apr 27, 2012
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This comment from the linked site pretty much says it all...

it is kind of ridiculous to post an article about a delay in the release date when there has been no release date announced from Verizon. Their original date of 7/9 was a "Ship By" date, not a release date. Often times a ship by is worked out a few days to a week from release to give them a window to fulfill the orders and get them shipped on time. Also, the move to 7/10 is widely known as occurring for new pre-orders. Those who pre-ordered originally were given a 7/9 ship by date and have not been notified otherwise that their date has changed (as VZW did when they incorrectly told pre-order'ers 6/6 was the ship date.

Ton's of sites are doing this, but i wish you would do your research. I guess "Verizon is delayed again" generates more ad click potential than "we actually have nothing to report, but say a date on VZW's website so we will just say we know what we are talking about"


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Aug 28, 2010
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People were originally told 7/9, then after an estimated 10 million US pre-orders it was pushed to 7/10, and then one guy on XDA who ordered yesterday said his Verizon ship date was 7/11.

Assuming Verizon has 2-3 million pre-orders, all this means to me is that they are at full capacity for shipping each day. Their warehouse of people can only ship so many devices in one day. Maybe it's a hundred thousand, maybe a million, but there is still a limit to how many orders a team of humans can check, pack, box, label, and ship within a 24 hour period.

I'm fairly certain everyone who pre-ordered on Verizon will be getting a phone from the same batch. But again, a team of humans in a warehouse is still limited to how many they can ship in a day, which is why I think everyone is getting ship dates of 9th, 10th, and now the 11th.
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Jun 4, 2012
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yes my order is set to shipp out on the 10th Everyone needs to STFU about earlier dates ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! mods need to close those threads and penalize anyone creating them :p. Im cell less for 3 weeks and im not ing about it not coming soon. Now if it doesnt come in by the 12th at the store then ill .

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